About Us

We believe in the power of plants to nourish, balance & heal
Our mission is to produce vibrant remedies through an ethical and authentic process and to share this powerful plant at a fair price.

Our CBD is always third party tested for purity and potency,

We are women owned and operated.

We respect our relationship with the natural world and believe in practicing regenerative farming principles. For us this means cultivating hemp in a way that enriches the soil, the watershed, and the biodiversity of the systems we work with. With the planet’s and your health in mind, we never use pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Our approach to making CBD
We handcraft our CBD oil in small batches, starting with organic hemp we grow ourselves, or hemp we source from like-minded organic farms. We infuse cold-pressed organic carrier oils with the dried hemp flower and press the tincture to prep it for blending and bottling.

Before we finish, we set the bottled oil in a bath of biophotonic light, which infuses it with coherent energy. According to biophotonics, an emerging area of science, our bodies have the capacity to absorb and make use of biophotons (wavelengths of light), which can benefit our cellular and metabolic functions.

Although our process takes more time, it ensures that you’ll receive an activated, full-spectrum and potent product.

Legitimizing natural-based remedies
We also believe that using hemp products for self-care and healing shouldn’t carry a stigma. Part of our mission is to help change biases through education. Learn more about CBD and the science behind how it works. We also invite you to contact us with questions about CBD oil, our product, or ordering.

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